Court Pick Soon?:
The Washington Post is reporting:
  President Bush, accelerating his search for a new Supreme Court justice, appears to have narrowed his list of candidates to no more than a few finalists and could announce his decision in the next few days, Republican strategists informed about White House plans said yesterday.
  Advisers to Bush had anticipated an announcement closer to the end of the month, but the White House signaled allies over the weekend to be prepared for a nomination this week, according to the strategists, who asked not to be named because the process remains officially confidential. "We've been told to be ready," one strategist said.
  Meanwhile, Stuart Taylor makes the case against nominating Alberto Gonzales.
BDG1 (mail):
Re: Taylor's and other's argument that Gonzales shouldn't be considered because he would be disqualified from presiding over cases involving the Justice Department or other policies he crafted while in the White House.

It's worth noting that if we applied this standard to past appointments, we would have never had Justice Robert Jackson -- one of the more revered Supreme Court Justices in the last century. He was Attorney General when he was appointed in 1941, and served in other capacities in the Justice Department several years before that. Note that William Rehnquist might have problems under this standard too, as he was serving in the OLC when appointed in 1971.

Do we really want to deprive the Court of Justices with this kind of background in government service?
7.18.2005 11:37am
DJ (mail):
Readers with some time on their hands should take a look at that Taylor column. I think it's very persuasive.

The bottom line is, Gonzalez is simply not a terribly impressive personality. Since the departures of Thurgood Marshall, Whizzer White, and Harry Blackmun, we've had a group of uniformly top-notch judges on the Supreme Court. (To be sure, they're more often wrong than right on big cases, but I think there's no denying their quality.) I get the sense that a lot of people feel that a Gonzalez appointment would be a step backwards.
7.18.2005 2:09pm
Robert Schwartz (mail):
DJ: I thought the Taylor article was Beltway backstabing lacking in substance. OTOH, I think people worrying about Bush appointing Gonzalez are wasting their time. If he had wanted to do that he would not have appointed hin as AG.
7.18.2005 5:02pm