Stu's Views Lets Bloggers Post Cartoons:
My law school classmate Stuart Rees, the "Stu" of the legal cartoons Stu's Views, is offering bloggers free use of his cartoons for blog posts. Stu writes:
  I offer two types of cartoons at : (1) general law cartoons about various legal topics and industry participants and (2) cartoons about specific cases. The 60 case cartoons I've just added are an initial sample of the 500+ I've done this year for West. I'll be adding more soon, as well as coverage of current events.
  Bloggers may use my cartoons on their blogs (but not elsewhere) for free under two conditions: (1) the blogger sends me a one time email with his/her name and blog address and (2) they include with each post a hyperlink to or a relevant sub-page of their choice. There are no restrictions except that the cartoon may not be modified or otherwise presented out of context.
  Bloggers may pull the image directly from my server by remote gif link, or can download it by right-click-save onto their server. If they use my server (which is hosted by Yahoo!), I am not liable for any server downtime.
  Free use is permitted in archives in perpetuity, and for new posts until I notify otherwise (which I doubt will be ever).
LiquidLatex (mail):
I thought there was a law that said "Nothing in this life is free."
7.16.2005 5:37pm
erp (mail):
I clicked over to Stu's Views to check it out and was tickled by his signature on the scales of justice: sTu. Very clever. Thanks for the link. This will be fun.
7.16.2005 7:22pm
42USC1983 (mail):
Pretty smart of Mr. Rees who will now get a lot of free publicity. I hope it helps his career. Anyhow, thanks for this along.
7.16.2005 8:46pm
Stu Rees (mail) (www):
It's nice that "erp" noticed my logo. I always wonder whether it's too subtle of a connection.
7.18.2005 10:08am
Stephen M (Ethesis) (mail) (www):
For what it is worth, I've tracked back to this post to provide the terms of service, post with link -- I've read Stu's comics for a lot of years ;)
7.19.2005 6:16am