Trinidad & Tobago:
In light of the overwhelming response in the comment thread below in favor of eclectic posts, I'm inspired to post this odd one for any readers in Trinidad & Tobago.

  An old friend of mine contacted me recently to ask what it was like to defend police officers against bribery charges in Trinidad. He provided a link to this story from the Trinidad & Tobago Express, which indeed says that "Orin Kerr" is on the defense team of a bribery case there:
  State attorneys George Busby and Nirana Parsan are prosecuting while attorneys Mario Merritt and Orin Kerr are defending the accused.
  I've never heard of this case, or been to Trinidad. So I wonder, is there another criminal lawyer named Orin Kerr who happens to practice in Trinidad? Possible, but it seems somewhat unlikely. Does anyone have any insight into the story? I hope our readers have better things to do with their time than ponder this random and useless question, but in case anyone knows, I'm a little curious. (FWIW, I googled the reporter to try to find an e-mail address but came up empty; I e-mailed the newspaper last week but did not receive a response; and lots of googling has confirmed that other lawyers mentioned have had other cases in Trinidad, but not "orin kerr".)
Proud Generation Y Slacker:
I think your identity done been thefted!
7.15.2005 7:36pm
Uncle Jimbo (mail) (www):
Just because it could happen. I knew a guy in 1st Special Forces Group in Okinawa from Trinidad, He was a radio guy named Andrew Swayne, known as Swami. I wrote about him at the link below, I think he went back to the islands and would love to hear from him

The Swami- Trinidad's finest party animal

Interesting and eclectic topics are enjoyable Volokhs, indulge.


Uncle J
7.15.2005 8:13pm
Matt_R (mail):
If you search the homepage for the Judiciary of the Republic of Trinidad &Tobago for "Kerr," you get this. An Orrin (two "r"s) Kerr represented Frank Moore in a suit against Trinidad &Tobago Forest Products (trial date 3/4/03). (Searching for "Orrin Kerr" doesn't produce significantly more useful results.) According to this document (.pdf) (see top of page 509), Orrin Kerr has an LLB from the University of Guyana. He applied to Trinidad &Tobago for a "Caribbean Community Skills Certificate" -- whatever that means, exactly. (It appears to be immigration-related.) He was rejected the first time around (top of page 545) due to an incomplete certificate. Presumably, he later corrected the discrepancy.

That's all I've been able to find. (I tried searching the T&T yellow pages, under attorneys. No luck.)
7.15.2005 8:17pm
Matt_R (mail):
Oh, by the way: in T&T, 3/04/03 may mean March 3, 2004, not March 4, 2003.
7.15.2005 8:24pm
Many thanks, Matt R -- that's probably it. That's some good googling.
7.15.2005 10:08pm
A. Nonymouse (mail):
Maybe all the coolest lawyers around the world will slowly adopt the name "Orin Kerr" while displaying Trans-Canadian Highway signs and muttering "the air track is my friend."
7.16.2005 10:43pm