Short Overview of Search and Seizure Law:
I have just uploaded an 11-page paper on the history, present, and future of Fourth Amendment law: Search and Seizure: Past, Present, and Future. It's a first draft of what should eventually be the Fourth Amendment entry in the forthcoming Oxford Encyclopedia of Legal History. Here is the Table of Contents:
I. Colonial Experience and the Enactment of the Fourth Amendment
II. The Fourth Amendment Before the Prohibition Era
III. The Prohibition Era to 1961
IV. The Criminal Procedure Revolution of the 1960s
V. The Modern Function and Framework of Fourth Amendment Doctrine
VI. The Future of the Fourth Amendment
42USC1983 (mail):
Very nice. Seriously, if I had a blog, I would link to it.
7.14.2005 5:42pm
Michael Bernstein:
The practical importance of Mapp is hard to overstate, not understate.
7.14.2005 10:50pm