I'm delighted to say that I've just been officially given the Gary T. Schwartz Chair at UCLA law school. It was a great privilege to have Gary as a teacher when I was a student here -- he really was a superb teacher -- and then as a colleague for several years until his untimely death.

Regrettably, it turns out that there's actually no physical chair involved, though maybe I could just rename my chair the Gary T. Schwartz Chair. Gary was a torts scholar, so perhaps that will decrease my chance of having accidents in the chair -- or would it increase the chance?

Anderson (mail) (www):
7.13.2005 6:50pm
John Jenkins (mail):
It would increase the chance that some little kid would come along behind you and pull the chair out from under you.
7.13.2005 6:50pm
Adam (mail) (www):
Get the Herman Miller Aeron. You know you want to.
7.13.2005 6:55pm
Wince and Nod (mail) (www):
Congratulations! Get a little engraved brass plate for your chair. Even a chair deserves some recognition.

7.13.2005 7:00pm
M (mail):
I hope this is one of those chairs that come with a pile of money and not just a good feeling of knowing others like and apprecitate you. (I guess the other things are not bad, too.)
7.13.2005 7:01pm
Eugene Volokh (www):
M: I appreciate your hopes, but I'm afraid I have to completely dash them. But the honor and the connection to Gary is enough for me.
7.13.2005 7:07pm
John J. P. (mail):
Good for you!
7.13.2005 7:08pm
Craig Oren (mail):
I met Gary when I was a visiting prof at UCLA in 1990-91 (before Eugene's time), and I stayed in touch with him afterward. He was not only a fine scholar who attacked basic issues in his field (e.g. the purposes of tort law) but also an impressive teacher and a great human being. As his sister said when Gary died, "Gary cared about his friends a great deal." I'm glad to have been one, and my congratulations to Eugene.
7.13.2005 7:37pm
Hermione Granger:
Congratulations! By the way, you never posted pictures of your son as you said you would. =)
7.13.2005 7:50pm
erp (mail):
Hermoine, I've been afraid to ask, but I second the motion. Life isn't only about the law, it's about posting pictures of cute kids too. Others in the VC should be encouraged to post pictures of their adorable offspring as well. And it might motivate the single guys into popping the question and producing some more adorable kids in the not too distant future.

Professor Gary T. Schwartz must be smiling on you from his perch on a banc of clouds.

Congratulations Eugene. I don't know how many hours you have in your day but it must be a lot more than the 24 the rest of us mortals have. How you manage to do all you do and still have time for riddles and games and searching out good restaurants in obscure Ohio towns.

The mind boggles.
7.13.2005 8:32pm
John Jenkins (mail):
Okay, did no one get the Garratt v. Dailey, 304 P.2d 681 (Wash. 1956), reference, or was it that bad? (Come on, it's a famous tort case!)
7.13.2005 8:58pm
Stephen M (Ethesis) (mail) (www):
I suspect everyone got the reference to the first tort case they studied (or the 3rd or so) ... ;)

Just nothing to say when they do.
7.13.2005 9:07pm
Trent Goulding (mail):
Congratulations. Professor Schwartz was my Torts professor, and you were my 1st Amendment professor... nice confluence, for me, at least.
7.13.2005 9:07pm
Syd Henderson (mail):
Congratulations! Before you name your chair, be sure that its a professional chair upholding the finest standards of chairdom as well as your seat.
7.13.2005 9:08pm
Craig Oren (mail):

why are you so sure we didn't get your Garratt reference?
7.13.2005 9:43pm
Phillip Carter (mail):
Congratulations! Mazel tov! Fantastic!

Now if only UCLA Law School can raise enough money from alumni like me so it can retain all its other stellar faculty with endowed chairs...
7.13.2005 9:56pm
Elliot (mail):
Looks like stanford has lost out on you :-(
7.13.2005 9:59pm
John Scalzi (mail) (www):
Congratulations! Tenured furniture is the best kind.
7.13.2005 9:59pm
Bob Owens (mail) (www):

I wouldn't get too attached to it, however. As Bush has announced he'll open up Supreme Court consideration for those outside the federal judiciary, perhaps we'll get Glenn Reynold's wish of a Cheif Justice Volokh.

We can dream, can't we?
7.13.2005 10:46pm
Does this mean that from now on ou will be speaking ex cathedra?

cathy :-)
7.13.2005 10:49pm
larry rothenberg:
Gary Schwartz was my Torts professor when he was visiting at Harvard in the fall of 1998. He was fantastic teacher and warm person. Everyone from my section loved his class. He was witty, engaging, and friendly--he made an effort to know everyone's name and take small groups of us out to lunch. We were really sorry to hear of his death just a few years later. I am pleased to know that he is being honored with this chair, and that Eugene is filling it.
7.13.2005 11:06pm
Andrew Schoppe (mail):
Omedetou gozaimasu!

(I hadn't seen that one yet.)

Anyway, well done and much deserved. I remember seeing Gary Schwartz memorial posters everywhere during my first- or was it my second?- year at UCLA SOL, and thinking to myself, "This guy must have been a pretty amazing scholar to warrant all this notoriety and respect." It seems that he was, and it is certainly a high compliment that you have been chosen as an heir to his scholarly legacy.


7.14.2005 2:13am
Kevin L. Connors (mail) (www):
Congratz, Eugene.
7.14.2005 4:01am
Matt Bower:
Congratulations! Perhaps you should be glad that there's no physical chair involved. If there were, it might look like this (scroll down half a page), this or this, none of which looks very comfy.
7.14.2005 8:03am
edhula3 (mail):
Congratulations!!! If I go to UCLALS I will be sure to try and have you as a prof....even if I disagree with you 97.32543646146986% of the time. I am sure leiterreports will have a hissy fit over this announcement!
7.14.2005 2:04pm
NickM (mail) (www):
Congratulations - as long as the Gary T. Schwartz Hair does not come with it.

For those who did not have the privilege of knowing him, Professor Schwartz's hairstyle remained unchanged for 3 decades. It was a hairstyle uniquely befitting an academic.

On a more serious note, knowing Gary's reverence for wide-ranging academic inquiry and intellectual debate, I am sure he would be proud that you were chosen for the chair bearing his name.

7.14.2005 5:23pm
Dilan Esper (mail) (www):
Since Gary wrote a famous, and justly-praised, article on the Ford Pinto case (Grimshaw v. Ford Motor Co.), I'd be careful that the back of the chair doesn't explode when someone bumps into it.
7.14.2005 8:21pm
Eric Rasmusen (mail) (www):
I'm glad to see a chair honoring Gary Schwartz. Who paid for it? The donation does them honor too.
7.14.2005 9:12pm
daniel (mail) (www):
Congratulations Volokh-san!
Now maybe to the big chair in Washington? :)
7.14.2005 9:54pm
Diff. River (mail) (www):
Somehow this reminds me of the story of President William Howard Taft, who was offer a Chair of Law at Yale upon leaving office. He responded that "sofa of law" would be more in keeping with in proportions. (He weighed over 300 pounds for much of his life.)

He did accept the Chair, however, and was later appointed to the Supreme Court. I hear there is a chair available there as well. Perhaps Professor Volokh would prefer to change his chair for that one? ;-)
7.15.2005 8:04pm