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Here's a gimme: There is a person who has been in the news lately whose initials are the same as the initials of his/her job. Who is that person? (Click below for the answer.)


If you can think of any other people who have this property (whether or not they've recently been in the news), list them in the comments. Try to avoid stretches.



Prime Minister (Canada) Paul Martin Jr.

What, no who you had in mind?

7.13.2005 5:47pm
Mark Pritchard
7.13.2005 5:55pm
DaveK (mail):
Chief Judge Carol Jackson (E.D. Mo.)

(Okay, so she's not in the news, at least nationally, but federal judges seem on-point on this blog.)
7.13.2005 6:02pm
Anderson (mail) (www):
Alberto Gonzales, Attorney General.
7.13.2005 6:05pm
Anderson (mail) (www):
Oops, sorry; didn't see that you were giving the answer.
7.13.2005 6:05pm
Maniakes (mail) (www):
Satchel Paige and Sidney Ponson were/are Starting Pitchers.
Tom Brookens was a Third Baseman.
Curt Flood was a Center Fielder.
Ron Fairly was a Right Fielder.
7.13.2005 6:08pm
Associate Justice Arthur James (Goldberg)
7.13.2005 6:29pm
JF (mail):
US General Ulysses S Grant (although that wasn't really his name)
Arkansas Governor Augustus Garland
Georgia Governor George Gilmer
Indiana Governor Isaac Gray
7.13.2005 6:45pm
GMUSL 1L (mail):
Current NFL Players:
Ronnie Brown - Dolphins RB (just drafted)
Fred Beasley - 49ers FB
Lance Briggs - Bears LB
Tim Euhus - Buffalo TE
Ryan Tucker - Browns RT
Champ Bailey - Broncos CB
Demetric Evans - Redskins DE

Wayne, Reggie - Colts WR
Williams, Roy - Lions WR
7.13.2005 6:45pm
Anderson (mail) (www):
Major General Geoffrey Miller is a palindrome ...
7.13.2005 6:51pm
Downtown Lad (mail) (www):
Gay Basher George Bush
7.13.2005 7:22pm
Seth Gaxman.
7.13.2005 8:01pm
I sure could think of a lot of D* L* jobs, Downtown Lad. Perhaps you should get some class and quit trolling.
7.13.2005 8:38pm
Maniakes (mail) (www):
Anon, please don't feed the trolls.
7.13.2005 8:45pm
Syd Henderson (mail):
Professional Hussy Paris Hilton
7.13.2005 9:03pm
Troy H:
BS'er -- Bud Selig
7.13.2005 10:10pm
From Inwood:

Relax. DL meant to say Gore Basher.
7.13.2005 10:38pm
Downtown Lad (mail) (www):
Oh let's see - "Anon" won't even identify himself and he wants to call me a Troll? I've got about 1000 blog posts to back up my thinking. "Anon" hides behind a facade.

Last time I checked George Bush's chief job did appear to be the Chief Gay Basher of America. Too bad you couldn't come up with a witty thought of your own.

Typical commenters - they freak out when they encounter an independent thought that challenges their thinking.
7.13.2005 11:04pm
Brian G (mail) (www):
I loved the Bud Selig reference.
7.13.2005 11:13pm
Downtown Lad (mail) (www):
Hated Carpetbagger - Hillary Clinton
7.13.2005 11:58pm
Alan K. Henderson (mail) (www):
Will He Retire? - William H. Rehnquist
She's Diving Out - Sandra Day O'Connor
7.14.2005 1:06am

Womanizing Jailbait Chaser

Guess Who?
7.14.2005 2:00am
Alan K. Henderson (mail) (www):
Womanizing Jailbait Bimbo Chaser

(to account for the Blythe in his name)
7.14.2005 5:34am
Bill Twist:
Monty Python Micheal Palin.
7.14.2005 9:18am
Froggie mcFrog (mail):
A little off topic but on the question of initials: I was interested in buying one of the cafepress T-shirts with the Justice Thomas quote. But then I noticed the attribution is "Thomas, J." That's obviously not his first initial; is that standard practice for a Justice?
7.14.2005 11:53am
Nobody (mail):
Tiresome Zealot Todd Zywicki
7.14.2005 2:13pm
NickM (mail) (www):
He no longer holds that office, but California recently had State Assemblyman Sam Aanestad.

The following are able to use the title Member of Congress: Michael Capuano, Michael Castle, Michael Conaway, Michael Crapo, and Maria Cantwell.

7.14.2005 5:34pm
M. Simon (mail) (www):
Does it count that I'm an aerospace electrical engineer who always wanted to work on the Microwave Landing System?

M.L. Simon
7.14.2005 7:09pm
submandave (mail) (www):
Downtown Lad: "they freak out when they encounter an independent thought"

The idea that a toss-off accusation of GWB as a "gay basher" that could have been cribbed from any GLB web-site could be defended as independent thought is less than a joke.

If, on the other hand, you were to actually include quotes and links to anti-Gay or derogatory statements made by the President that would be original.
7.14.2005 8:55pm
Nobody (mail):
This took all of about four seconds on Google:
WH press release

salvation description

Bush hates gay people. I don't think it's subject to serious debate.
7.15.2005 2:31pm
Nobody (mail):
Sorry, that second link should have been:

salvation army
7.15.2005 2:35pm
Alan K. Henderson (mail) (www):
What's hateful about allowing religious or other creed-based organizations to discriminate against people who don't accept the creed?

Back to the topic...

Smuggling Briefs - Sandy Berger
7.15.2005 9:49pm