Oak Harbor, Ohio:

I'll be there next week -- if anyone has any suggestions for unexpected treats there (e.g., good eateries and the like), please e-mail them at volokh at A longshot, I realize, but who knows: Maybe some of our readers have been there. Thanks!

Toledo's near by. The Toledo Zoo is supposed to be good:
7.13.2005 2:41pm
A2 Reader:
It is. Small, but good

Also try the COSI Science Museum in downtown Toledo. Don't miss the Mud Hens, the Tigers AAA team in downtown Toledo as well. Easy in easy out.
7.13.2005 3:05pm
You can watch the steam rise from the cooling towers of the Davis-Besse nuke plant. Oh yeah, and you can . . . sorry that's it.

Saturday night in Toledo Ohio is like being no place at all.
--John Denver
7.13.2005 3:14pm
Hugh59 (mail): close to Catawba Island...a beautiful spot.

Camp Perry is nearby. I spend a week there every week for my reserve duty. I will ask around to see if there are any good restaurants in nearby Port Clinton.

Yes, head over to Catawba Island.
7.13.2005 3:18pm
Hugh59 (mail):
Garden at the Lighthouse in Port Clinton looks pretty good. I have not been there, but the online reviews look promising.
7.13.2005 3:29pm
Craig Oren (mail):
My sister, who lives in Columbus, tells me that the Toledo Art Museum is surprisingly good, and often gets special exhibits that you would not expect in a city that size.
7.13.2005 4:10pm
Andrew Kvochick (mail):
I lived in Toledo for four years. I've never heard of Oak Harbor. If it really is near Toledo, you would be obligated to eat at the world-famous Tony Packo's (Hungarian food, naturally) on Front St in downtown.
7.13.2005 4:11pm
Andrew Kvochick (mail):
Actually, it is much closer to Catawba, which, I believe, is famous for peaches, but probably not this time of year.
7.13.2005 4:13pm
Alan (mail):
The Toledo Museum of Art is one of the major museums in the country. Go.
7.13.2005 4:39pm
countertop (mail):
I'd hardly call is "one of the major museums in the country" but it does have a nice collection.

Don't know about Oak Harbor, but if its near Camp Perry you should clearly head over to the CMP North store in Port Clinton (2000 Lawrence Rd, Port Clinton, OH 43452) and pick up a Garand.
7.13.2005 4:49pm
Craig Oren (mail):
OK, having promoted the notion of going to Toledo, may I now point out that, according to mapquest, Toledo is 45 minutes from Oak Harbor? I realize that Angelenos like Eugene are willing to drive an eternity to get where they want, but that does seem like a fair amount.
7.13.2005 5:00pm
J Hall (mail) (www):
I used to go to Put-in-Bay at least once a summer. It is a short ferry ride from Port Clinton, which is an easy 25 minute drive from Oak Harbor.

There is Perry's monument on the island, some wonderful Old Victorian houses, and a variety of good (if not interesting) places to eat). Here is some info on where to eat on Put-in-Bay.

It's also just nice to rent a golf cart and drive around the island and visit the wineries located on the island.
7.13.2005 5:36pm
nyejm (mail) (www):
If you have a whole day to kill, Cedar Point (in Sandusky) isn't far away. Best roller coasters in the world, some say. Certainly the best I've ever ridden. As a bonus, you would be in the same town featured in the great Chris Farley/David Spade classic "Tommy Boy" (also starring Brian Dennehy and Rob Lowe).
7.13.2005 5:53pm
Charlie Hallinan (mail):
Oak Harbor is right on top of, so to speak, the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge and Crane Creek State Park. I prefer the Refuge, which has some lovely walking/hiking trails with opportunities for spotting waterfowl &shore birds. It also has one of the Great Lakes' few remaining nesting sites for bald eagles. The web site for the refuge is:

Tony Packo's in Toledo isn't really downtown. It's across the Maumee River on the city's east side (1902 Front Street), but still reasonably close (and because it's on the east side it's marginally closer to Oak Harbor). But, as good as they are, I can't say a Packo's hot dog by itself is reason enough to drive 30 miles.
7.13.2005 6:00pm
Robert Schwartz (mail):
No help here, if you ever come to columbus, please drop me a line.

P.S. what did you do wrong to have to go to that place?

P.P.S. Oak harbor is close to Clyde, where all time great movie Heathers was filmed.
7.13.2005 6:27pm
If you're an ice cream fan, Handel's (great ice cream!) is mostly sold in Ohio --
7.13.2005 7:30pm
> It also has one of the Great Lakes' few remaining nesting sites for bald eagles.

Actually, bald eagles are making a healthy comeback in Ohio (and the Great Lakes in general), with their numbers growing year by year. There are breeding pairs established as far south as Columbus.

See: for some recent info.

If you are a birder, they are certainly work seeing.
7.13.2005 9:25pm