"Cheat Sheet to Supreme Court Speak":
I have an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times today poking fun at newspapers and talking heads for their predictable commentary on Supreme Court vacancies and the confirmation process. It's basically a reworked version of my blog post from last week, The Only Supreme Court Editorial You Need to Read. The formatting of the online version doesn't let you see it very well, but the "op-ed template" is supposed to begin in the third paragraph. I'm told that formatting makes it clear in the paper version, but who knows.
erp (mail):
7.13.2005 2:04pm
[A Critic / An Admirer]:
I thought your op-ed template was [an unmitigated disaster / a fine piece of work].
7.13.2005 2:24pm
I sent a link to your op-ed to a friend who's starting law school in the fall and I was quite surprised by his response--to the point of considering it ridiculous, even though he's generally a very reasonable person. I think it's typical of many people on both sides of the political spectrum.

Fred says: that article was inflammatory
Fred says: the dems are idiots
Fred says: they have corrupted the process
Fred says: jerks
Scott says: I'd be willing to bet the guy who wrote isn't a democrat. I think he did an excellent job of making the "news article" flow by just swapping in words from either side.
Scott says: it's really supposed to be a joke about things liberal see as bad are described as good by conservatives and visa versa
Fred says: i know but i think his bias is clear
Fred says: btw la times is blatantly liberal
Fred says: like the NY times
Scott says: the words on the left inside the brackets are liberal, and on the right are conservative, incase you didn't understand
Scott says: I didn't think the liberal words were any better than the conservative words
Fred says: that is because you are liberal

...edited some boring discussion...

Fred says: my point is that the author is still pushing an agenda
Fred says: it is not a benign article
Fred says: in my opinion the point of the op-ed is to weaken the conservative position and strengthen the liberal position
7.13.2005 5:14pm
Oh no -- my secret agenda has been exposed! And I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for those darn kids. . . .
7.13.2005 5:31pm