Brutish Displays of Leisure:

Until today, I didn't even know such things existed, but now that I've been alerted to this shocking breach of good taste, I wonder -- isn't blogging the most brutish of the lot? Or is it just brutish display of stolen leisure (i.e., goofing off when you should be working) rather than of genuine leisure?

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PG (mail) (www):
The odd thing about the concern that the website would appear like flaunting to the less privileged is that one needs to have computer access to see this "flaunting" in the first place, just as one needs computer access to view other people's blogs and know that they have loads of spare time. I worry about the poor, but more for those "living on less than a dollar a day" folks who are unable to track how often I post because they have barely heard of the online world, much less are able to be part of it. Especially these days, surely one of the signs of comparative affluence is being able to get to information on the internet at all.
7.12.2005 9:40pm
Stephen Aslett (mail):
Prof. Volokh is exactly right. If we fans want to make sure that the VC is not seen as a "brutish display of leisure," we need to start paying the contributors immediately.
7.12.2005 10:49pm
Robert Schwartz (mail):
As Humpty Dumpty said: words mean what I want them to mean. Of course, people who spoke to the old egg, often didn't understand what he was saying.
7.13.2005 12:58pm