Sales Below Cost Laws and Gas Prices:

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Curious (mail):

7.12.2005 6:38pm
What gives? That wasn't fair use or something? Can't you at least resupply a link?
7.12.2005 6:46pm
Zywicki (mail):
Sorry, I had received the text via an email, but then learned that it was from a pay site, so I removed it.
7.12.2005 6:55pm
I figured it was either that or you stumbled upon it via Proquest, or some other news database, without realizing that it shouldn't be cut-and-pasted.

There's no harm, however, in saying that readers interested in misguided below cost sales laws might want to pick up the June 29 Wall Street Journal, right?
7.12.2005 7:02pm
Zywicki (mail):
Elias--good point. I should have done that.
7.12.2005 7:16pm
Brian Cook (mail) (www):
You could still provide a link to the pay site, too...
7.13.2005 1:23pm