LA Times Live Current Blog:
Eugene recently mentioned his contribution to the Los Angeles Times Live Current blog, and I wanted to offer a broader plug for it. "Current" is the new name for the Sunday opinion section of the Los Angeles Times, and they have set up a blog on the Supreme Court and the confirmation process that will be open until the open seat(s) are filled.

  The LA Times Live Current blog is sort of half op-ed, half blog; invited contributors e-mail in responses to questions proposed by the editors, and the LA Times editors edit them, title them, and pop them on the Web. (Some of the posts might make their way into the Sunday LA Times, too.)

  I don't know the entire group that the LA Times has invited to participate, but it should be a very interesting bunch: Eugene and I are in on it, and other co-bloggers on the site that have posted so far include big names like Cass Sunstein, Erwin Chemerinsky, Douglas Kmiec, Richard Epstein, John Yoo, and Edward Lazarus.

  It's interesting to note that, as Todd points out below, the Washington Post has also set up a blog on the Supreme Court vacancy. Have other major newspapers done this, or only the WaPo and LAT?
42USC1983 (mail):
That's about as balanced a panel as I've seen - hell, it might even tilt right. Wow.
7.12.2005 3:59pm