"Poor Sap":

The Washington Post has started a blog for the coming "Campaign for the Supreme Court." Here's an entry from this morning (from their subcategory "borkometer"):

Poor Sap

"It's going to be awful. I really feel sorry for the poor sap who gets the nomination," John Danforth, a former GOP senator from Missouri who shepherded Clarence Thomas through the confirmation process, tells Knight Ridder's Todd Gilman.

"I think the members of the Judiciary Committee would just as soon be left alone," says Danforth. "But there are these very well-organized, well-financed groups out there that are highly energetic and just exceedingly mean."

The Post seems to be putting a lot of resources into covering this story from a variety of angles and I have found most of its coverage so far to be pretty informative and fair.

roaming gnome:
it that pronounced "bork-AW-met-er" or "BORK-oh-meeh-ter"?
7.12.2005 11:31am
It's a real burden to get nominated for the Supreme Court. God, I hope he doesn't pick me.
7.12.2005 11:46am
Osvaldo Mandias (mail):
Or me. Please, Br'er Fox, don't throw me into that briar patch.
7.12.2005 2:43pm
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