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Justices' Names:

Name three Supreme Court Justices, each of whose name satisfies the following condition:

The Justice's first name and middle name are the same names as another Justice's first name and last name.

John Marshall Harlan
7.11.2005 2:32pm
Justice Fuller:
The two Harlans are easy -- but who is the third?
7.11.2005 2:34pm
Justice Fuller:
Oh wait, Earl Warren -- Warren Earl Burger
7.11.2005 2:35pm
Josh Chafetz (www):
He didn't say they had to be in order, right? Warren Earl Burger.
7.11.2005 2:35pm
Cheburashka (mail):
You're going to have to do better than that, Kevan.
7.11.2005 2:36pm
Richard Bellamy (mail):
Well, Thurgood "Roger" Marshall Taney was easy. After that, I'm stuck.
7.11.2005 2:46pm
Um, George Washington Carver? Martin Luther King? This is hard.
7.11.2005 4:17pm
R Pupkin (mail) (www):
Sally Jesse Raphael?

The Force Majeure: Where the Business of Law Begins
7.11.2005 6:36pm
Tom Tildrum:
I'm guessing that it's not Mahlon Pitney.
7.11.2005 10:45pm
Tom Round:
Douglas Bader Ginsburg?

Roger Borkin?

HLA Hart Ely?
7.12.2005 1:43am
Goober (mail):
Not looking at other responses, not looking at other....

Earl Warren, obviously---er, rather, Warren Earl Burger. Which one do you want?

Uhh... does the "J.J." to reflect plural justices concurring, etc., come from John Jay?

JM Harlan is from John Marshall, for number two.

[long pause] This is hard!

Oh, and the second Justice Harlan!
7.12.2005 3:25pm
Tom R:
Justice John Jay Marshall Harlan[d] Fiske Black-Stone?
7.12.2005 11:00pm