Our New PuzzleBlogger, Kevan Choset:

I'm delighted to welcome Kevan Choset, our new puzzleblogger. I met Kevan when he was a student in my Harvard Law School free speech class, and quickly found out that we shared an interest in puzzles, and after posting quite a few of his creations myself, I decided to just ask him to join us. Here's the bio he passed along:

Kevan Choset is an associate at a large Manhattan law firm who has had a life-long obsession with puzzles. Before law school, he received an undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics and Economics. He is a connoisseur of all things trivial and loves puzzles of both the word play and mathematical variety, including those given by Eugene at the start of his Free Speech classes. He is both an avid solver and constructor of the New York Times crossword puzzle; his latest construction can be seen in this Thursday's (7/14/05) Times.

And here's his e-mail address, should you want to reach him: choset at gmail dot com.

Cheburashka (mail):
If the puzzles get to hard, we can always put Choset on more deals.
7.11.2005 2:18pm
adam (mail) (www):
Is he a member of the Choset People?
7.11.2005 8:18pm
Syd Henderson (mail):
I hope this doesn't stop you from posting your own puzzles. I greatly enjoy them.
7.11.2005 9:07pm