Getting a Law Teaching Job:
I have two long posts up over at PrawfsBlawg on the process of getting a law professorship:
1. Getting A Teaching Job: The Role of Specialization, and
2. Getting a Teaching Job: The Job Talk.
Be sure to check out the comment threads, as well as the very good related posts by my temporary co-bloggers.
frankcross (mail):
Very good stuff, but I would just add one point on specialization. While I think you're right that it's risky to pick "hot areas," it can be very fruitful to focus on underserved areas that interest you. Getting hired in constitutional law is going to face more competition than getting hired in secured transactions.
7.9.2005 5:27pm
DNL (mail):
Not to threadjack, but how would a JD go about getting a professorship in an undergrad institution? Is a PhD truly necessary?
7.9.2005 6:26pm
Jon Rowe (mail) (www):
As someone who has recently secured a full-time tenure track position at a community college, see my post on what you can expect at the undergrad and community college level.

Mr. Cross: As a fellow Business Law professor, loved your Business Law tapes!
7.9.2005 7:15pm
frank cross (mail):
Thank you, sir.
DNL it's conceivable but not easy. There are some business law positions, but not a lot. You may also get hired at a non-research college that focuses on teaching, in various fields.
7.9.2005 7:48pm
Kingsley (www):
I'd be interested in anything you had to offer on the adjunct process.
7.9.2005 8:41pm
Nick (mail):
Two quick questions. First, on the teaching market, will my candidacy be hindered because I will only have one year of legal experience as a Circuit clerk? Second, is it a bad thing to apply to the AALS, see what initial screening interviews are offered, and then decide whether to move forward?
7.9.2005 9:12pm
Jon Rowe (mail) (www):

See my post; securing an adjunct position at the undergrad or community college level isn't that difficult; it's far easier than securing a full-time, tenure-track position. And once you start adjuncting, you'll see why.
7.9.2005 10:38pm