Banned in Boston:

Under Massachusetts law, possessing pictures of minors engaging in (among other things) "lewd fondling, touching, or caressing" is a felony. Under the Kansas Court of Appeals' reasoning, that would presumably include pictures of minors French-kissing, at least if the French kissing is seen as emotional enough. What videos would it be a felony to possess in Massachusetts, if the Kansas court's interpretation of "lewd touching" were adopted?

UPDATE: PowerBlogs' techmaster Chris Lansdown writes:

Forget movies -- what family pictures of teenage [here, 17-or-under -EV] children with their girlfriends, or teenage husband/wife kissing after their marriage (some people do so less modestly, I understand)?

Would that mean that Romeo and Juliet is banned? As I recall, the terrific 1960's movie version with a 15 or 16 year old Olivia Hussey had not only "lewd" fondling, touching, and caressing, but a brief nude scene.

Is buying, selling, or owning that movie considered traficing/owning "child pornography" in Massachusetts?
7.8.2005 7:01pm
john doe (mail):
Another possible banned movie would be Truffaut's movie "Two English Girls" which has a 15 second scene of two topless 8 year old girls (or so) jumping into bed together, with a voice-over regarding their discovery of mutual masturbation..Of course this one is available at libraries everywhere. Maybe the state can prosecute itself.
7.9.2005 7:04pm
There is a comic strip ("For Better or Worse") which is very family oriented, but this past week one of the characters, who is a 14 year old girl, discovers romance with a boy the same age, and one panel shows them kissing in a tight embrace. I wonder if that would trigger this law and be considered lewd...
7.11.2005 9:49am