Shirley Abrahamson on Tradesports:

Shirley Abrahamson is a new addition to Tradesports Supreme Court Nominee market (at least I assume that is the correct Shirley Abrahamson).

It isn't clear why she was added to the market though, as no one has actually made a trade on her.

w. lyle stamps, esq. (mail) (www):
Must be a joke. Far too olde.
7.7.2005 1:59pm
Apu (mail):
And, while Judge Abrahamson is to my mind both a great judge and far from a liberal, the prospect of her being nominated by President Bush is absurd.
7.7.2005 2:17pm
Sigivald (mail):
I imagine the idea is that someone might be crazy enough to want to trade on her.

I mean, they can't do it if she's not on the list, I imagine; so everyone on the list at some point was added but not-yet traded, right?
7.7.2005 2:56pm
Sigivald (mail):
(Further: Given the marginal cost of listing someone on an electronic exchange is close enough to zero, it makes sense, I think, to add lots of people that someone might want to throw money away on.

At some point there might be some sort of increased transaction cost due to a gigantic or confusing list, but I don't know where that point would be. Doubtless Tradesports thinks they're not there yet.)
7.7.2005 2:59pm
anonymous coward:
Presumably someone just asked to have her listed. Tradesports describes the contract thus: "Next Nominee to Supreme Court(Rule 1.8 Applies). More on Request"
7.7.2005 3:02pm
Zywicki (mail):
What is curious is that the day before Tradesports added Miguel Estrada as a "new" listing--but, from what I can tell, at the same time listed that a market trade had also been made on him. So that's why I added the observation that no one had made a trade on her.
7.7.2005 3:42pm
Christine Hurt (mail) (www):
Abrahamson is a great person. I can't imagine a president nominating someone who is a member of a different political party, though.
7.7.2005 4:16pm
Wisconsin Observer:
Did somebody not hear that Bush won the election last year? Shirely has the intellect to be on the Court, but it would take a D, not an R, to get her there.
7.8.2005 12:41am