Gallup Poll--Choosing a Supreme Court Justice:

Subject to all the usual caveats, an extensive discussion of a new Gallup Poll on the Supreme Court nomination. Lots of interesting stuff.

Richard Bellamy (mail):
Looks to me that the relevant conclusion is that opinions about the importance of the Supreme Court are very symmetrical -- with liberals and conservatives caring by about the same amounts.

That makes it the ultimate polarizer, as opposed to individual issues like, say, gun rights or affirmative action where the relevant "pro" groups tend to care a lot more than the relevant "anti" groups.
7.7.2005 12:09pm
myalterego (mail):
The most interesting number was the number of people who think Roe v. Wade should be overturned. I doubt something like that would affect the President's choice of nominee much.

Tangentially, it appears to me that President Bush is going to be pretty successful with this nomination politically. So far he's doing everything right politically (giving the shepherd job to Fred Thompson, enlist Ed Gillespie to help, take the high road while in Europe), much to the chagrin of Democrats like me. Don't get me wrong, I don't want an acrimonious nomination process, but I do think this will ultimately give the President a bump in the polls, thus emboldening him on other issues that I am wary about.
7.7.2005 1:09pm