Antiquarian Law Books:
Occasionally I think it would be cool to purchase some antiquarian law books. Classic treatises, first editions of famous books, that kind of thing. I usually don't, however, as I know nothing about the market in antiquarian law books and worry I'll get fleeced. (I have bought a few things via, including a really cool signed copy of Henry Friendly's Benchmarks, but they were all small-ticket items.) It occurs to me that there are probably some VC readers that are experts in this market, however, and many others who might be interested in it if they knew where to start. I am hoping that some of the experts would be willing to post a comment in the comment thread with advice for the newbies among us. What is the smart way to go about buying antiquarian law books? Are there good online sites, or do you really need to go to auctions or rare book dealers? What do you need to know to avoid egregiously overpaying? Thanks in advance.