A reader e-mailed me asking:

I do not know how many regular readers you have, but in addition to your personalized book have you considered some kind of VC t-shirt? May be a bit frivolous, but I would buy a couple.

He then added, believe it or not, "My socially aware and engaged ten-year old son would be thrilled to wear one. And then as a consequence so would my seven-year old daughter." No, I am not making this up just to drum up potential interest.

In any event, I'm tickled pink that some people might be interested in this, and I'd like to do something along these lines, just for fun (I'm pretty sure we wouldn't make more than a few bucks with this). My secret fantasy: One of us is walking through the airport, and we see a total stranger wearing a Volokh Conspiracy T-shirt. Odds? Pretty long, I figure. But, hey, a man's got to dream . . . .

In any case, I believe there are online services that will produce on the fly T-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, and the like. I think CafePress does it, though I've had some glitches accessing their site, but I'll investigate things in more detail in a few weeks. So this shouldn't be that hard technically.

The question is what would make for a cool design. I expect that it should have our green-and-white header, but it might be nice to have something else — probably some amusing catchphrase, but I don't really know. If anyone has any design ideas, please post them in the Comments.

By posting the ideas, you're giving us a license to use them, though if we use yours, we'll naturally thank you on-blog, and send you a free goodie (T-shirt, coffee mug, or whatever else you choose of what we'll ultimately be offering). Remember, our generosity is legendary, which means semi-mythical.