Panel on Government Surveillance of the Internet (And Other High-Tech Criminal Investigations)

Last month, I was fortunate to be on a terrific panel about government surveillance and computer-related criminal investigations at the Ninth Circuit’s judicial conference. My colleague Jeffrey Rosen moderated the panel, and we were joined by Tino Cuellar of Stanford Law School and Marcia Hofmann of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. In the video, Judge Bybee begins with a brief introduction of the panelists; Jeffrey provides an introduction to the material; and then the individual discussions start at the 10-minute mark.

Our panel followed an excellent discussion of privacy against companies and other private sector entities; you can watch it here. The private-sector-privacy discussion included Joel Reidenberg, Ed Felten, Nicole Wong, and Paul Ohm. I thought it was great stuff. You can watch all of the panels at the judicial conference here.